Saturday, October 29, 2011

9 months and it feels like a blink!

I say it every time I write a new blog, but I just cannot believe that our little guy is 9 months old already! Hubs and I look at each other every day and say, "How did he get so big?!?" It seems like everything is happening at once these days. Just within the past week he turned 9 months, cut his first two teeth, and started crawling! We feel like we've been waiting for the latter of the two to happen for a long time now.

9 months old (10-27-11)
It seems like Drew has been teething since he was about 4 months old. The pediatrician kept telling us the "nubs" were there, but there were never any teeth. Finally, two weekends ago, Drew was gumming on my hand. I didn't feel any teeth, but he pinched me SO hard with his gums that my hand bruised! I knew those little buggers had to be coming in soon. Sure enough, last week, he put my finger in his mouth and I was greeted with the sharp little poke of a bottom tooth. His gums are sensitive, so he won't let me touch his mouth to look. We have to wait for big smiles or a good laugh to see those pearly whites. I'm not sure how long it takes for the teeth to come in all the way, but it sure will be interesting to see what he looks like with teeth.
It's hard to see, but there are 2 little white chompers coming in!
Drew has also started crawling (finally!!!). We've loved having him stationary, but seeing all the other babies at daycare crawling really made me want Drew to start moving too. He's so big for his age, that his size plays into it.... especially that big head! It is so hard for him to pick that noggin up and hold it while crawling. I don't blame him for not wanting to try until absolutely necessary! He's still in the "novice" stage, where it's a mixture of army crawling on his belly to crawling on all fours. He gets tired easily and hasn't figured out how to return to a sitting position after he's done. Usually, he'll just stop and flop himself down on the floor, whimpering for someone to help him out.

On the move!

We've had to take Drew to the doctor a few times in the last month. He was on breathing treatments for bronchiolitus (baby bronchitis) and he's on an antibiotic now for an ear infection. He's so mellow and happy though, you'd never know he was sick unless he was running a temp. When we took him to the pediatrician, he weighed in at 22 pounds. What a big boy! Needless to say, he's graduated from 9 month clothes to 12 month clothes. Hopefully he doesn't keep this growth pattern up, or else he might become the Hulk!

Last time, I wrote about my love/hate relationship with daycare. Even though Drew is exposed to all kinds of germs, we are so happy we put him in daycare. I think it is so good for him socially. All of the teachers love him, even the ones that don't run his classroom. People I don't even know say hi to him and give him a squeeze as we're coming or going. He's definitely loved! Hubs and I love watching him with the other babies, too. They are so curious about each other, grabbing each others faces and laughing at each other. It really is cute.

It's so fun having a 9 month old. Drew has the best personality and we can take him anywhere. It's also fun taking him to restaurants because now he can eat some "real" food. It cracks us up to see his facial expressions when he tries new foods. He's tried scrambled eggs and toast, cheese, noodles, crackers, melon, apple, chicken... he loves it all! I don't think we have a picky eater on our hands.

                                                 Funny video of Drew laughing at Daddy

We're also so excited for the holidays with our little one. I keep telling Bill, "I can't wait for Christmas!". He just looks at me like I'm crazy and tells me to simmer down. With Halloween coming up, we can't wait for our little monkey to help us hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. I couldn't resist buying him a costume for his first Halloween.
Monkey baby! 
It's just so fun seeing him get excited about things and to see his personality shine through. He laughs at the funniest things and is quickly becoming a "mama's boy". He reaches out his arms when he wants me to pick him up and smiles when I walk in the room (and whines when I walk out!). It truly is a joy being Drew's mommy and my life certainly would not be as fulfilling if he weren't a part of it!

Playing in his jumperoo
First time at the park (10-8-11)
Ready for Halloween! (10-28-11)