Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Can't keep up!

Oh my gosh, I just can't keep up! I've been meaning to blog for WEEKS and it just keeps getting pushed to the side. I keep saying, "I'll do it tomorrow... I'll blog this weekend..." No more excuses! It's time for some major updates on the little big guy in my life!!!

Where do I even start?!? Drew has turned into such a big kid since his first birthday at the end of January. The last (almost) 3 months have brought so many firsts. First haircut, first steps, first pair of "real" shoes, first meaningful words, and the first stages of true independence, signalling that we really do have a toddler on our hands. I just can't say it enough... he's getting SO big SO fast!

Playing at the park (3-17-12)

Drew is now in the "walker" room at daycare. For awhile, I would pick him up and ask the teachers if he was trying to walk. They kept replying, "Nope. He just likes to sit and watch the other babies walk. He's soaking it all in." Now, I'm not one to compare Drew to other babies, but I started noticing that when I picked him up, ALL the other babies were walking. Every last one of them. I knew there wasn't anything wrong with Drew, but I kept wondering, "When is this kid going to walk?!?" Drew had taken a couple steps on his own with hubs and I, but that's all it had amounted to. The child did not have an interest in walking on his own, without the aid of a push toy. Finally, one night my parents were over to visit. All of a sudden, Drew pulled himself up to stand and proudly took about 6 steps across the room to get to where I was sitting on the floor. We all cheered and there was the beginning of his walking days. It only took him about 14 months, but better late than never! Now, all he wants to do is walk, walk, walk and it's all we can do to keep up with him.

Starting to walk! (3-27-12)

Wearing big-boy shoes to show off his mad walking skills (4-18-12)

We took Drew for his first haircut a few weeks ago and he did so well! We went to this fun place called Snip-its in Northville. It was bright and cheerful and really inviting for kids. They have a special package for baby's first haircut where they take a picture and give a certificate for bravery with a lock of his hair attached. Drew did so well. He didn't cry at all. He kept trying to swat the hairdresser's hands away, so mommy distracted him with what he loves the best.... snack puffs!

Pre-haircut (4-7-12)
He's not so sure about all this

Commemorative photo 

Drew loves food. I mean, this kid can chow down! Some foods he loves right now: bananas (he has one every morning), peaches, pears, strawberries, kiwi (he LOVES fruit!!!), pasta (especially mac and cheese), cheese and crackers, chicken nuggets dipped in ketchup, Chex cereal, toddler cereal bars, and of course milk. He used to love carrots and sweet potatoes, but recently started refusing veggies altogether. I'm going to have to get sneaky and get him his veggies somehow. Anyone who has tips, please let me know!

He's still drinking from a bottle, and it has been really difficult to transition Drew to a cup for drinking. I tried switching cold turkey in February, but he wasn't having it. It's made it really hard for him to accept the sippy and he just recently started drinking juice out of it. I've tried practically every sippy they have on the market and finally found a few that he'll drink out of. If I put milk in a cup he'll bat it away and won't touch it. I'm thinking I'll just wait until summer to get him transitioned. The bottle has become a security object for him and he's not ready to give it up yet.

Would you like some nuggets with that ketchup?

Drew's first official word was "ball". One day he just pointed to his Winnie the Pooh ball and said, "ba". Just to make sure that's what he was saying, I told him to go get the ball and he did! It's so amazing to see their little brains working and to know that he is comprehending what I am saying to him. Now, everything is "da". He'll point to the dogs and say "da". He points to his daddy and says "da". He points to the tv and says "da". It'll be interesting to see what words come next.

"da"= dog

Drew is all about his mommy these days. Separation anxiety has kicked in and he has realized he does not like for mommy to be out of his sight. When I drop him off at daycare, it breaks my heart. His little lip starts quivering, he begins to pout, and then as he senses mommy is about to leave him, he just starts wailing. Talk about starting your day off on a bad note. I have to hear my little guy sobbing for me all the way out the door of the daycare building. It's so sad.

On a brighter note, the sweetest thing happened the other night that melted my heart. It was just Drew and I, and we were playing on the floor. He was all ready for bed and we were watching his favorite tv show, "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" (I know all the songs by heart and even sing them in my head at work during the day... I am SO a mom, now). All of a sudden, Drew got up, turned around to face me, and snuggled into my neck. He then looked up, right into my face and said "mama"...for the first time with meaning. I was so taken by surprise that I looked at him and said, "Did you just say mama?!?", to which he snuggled into me again and with his sweet little baby voice, said "mama" again.

He has me wrapped around his finger forever.

He loves to choose books to "read" before bed
Tigers pitcher in training... watch out Verlander! 
Cute Easter boy
Building a tall tower for the first time (4-15-12)
He melts my heart <3