Saturday, November 1, 2014

Allison's Cupcake 1st Birthday

I had SO much fun planning Alli's first birthday party. I had all summer to think of a theme and hand-make decorations for both of her birthday parties. Knowing this was my last baby to plan a first birthday party for, and the fact that it was a "girlie" party... I might have gone a little overboard. Ahhh, cuteness overload!!!

My only regret is not giving myself enough time to set up for both parties, so I never got a "complete" photo of the whole room decorated.

The invitation

Cake made by my Aunt Jan
Smash cake
Homemade cupcake liner garland and cupcake birthday banner

Monthly photo banner

Cupcake liner "1" to hang on door

Yummy cake! 

The sign of a successful cake smash: cake everywhere! 

Allison=ONE + a couple months :)

I have really fallen behind on blogging (so sorry, Alli, if you are reading this in the future...) I have had very good intentions of writing all about Allison turning one... and now she's almost 14 months old. Whoops... totally dropped the ball. Better late than never, though!

Sweet, curious, mischievous Allison is currently weighing in at 22lbs 10oz and measuring 31 inches, placing her right around the 75th percentile for both height and weight. Finally, within the last week, her first tooth started poking through! I have so enjoyed her gummy grin, but am looking forward to seeing what she looks like with teeth.

We held two birthday parties for Alli when she turned one (one for my side, and one for Bill's side). Alli did great with both parties, with her favorite part of both being the cake smash. She was a little hesitant to dig in at first, but once she started smashing, she smashed with gusto. It was really cute to watch. Big brother Andrew was a huge help in opening Alli's gifts, instantly claiming several toys as his own. Alli is so laid back that she doesn't really care, and in most cases she will choose to play with Andrew's toys (specifically cars) over her own toys.

Family shot at Alli's birthday party #2
We also did a one year photo shoot with yet another cake smash session for Alli about a month ago, followed up with some family photos in the park. We loved our photographers and thought that they captured some great moments of the kids. Alli was captivated with the autumn leaves fluttering to the ground and Andrew was Mr. Photogenic, smiling at the antics of the photographers behind the camera.

Alli is soooo close to walking and has gotten really good at walking all over the house with her little push toy. She will stand up on her own in the middle of the room and I'll tell her, "Walk, Alli! Take a step!" What does the little stinker do? Crawl to her push toy, stand up and begins to walk with the toy.

Speaking of little stinkers....oh my goodness is she a curious and mischievous child! There have been countless times where I am thanking the Lord that we did a good job babyproofing the house. Andrew was never really one to get into things and I could leave outlets untouched, bedroom doors open, cabinets unlatched, etc. Alli, on the other hand, gives me a daily workout chasing her around. I've found her playing with the garbage can, splashing in the dog's water, exploring in the pantry, and climbing up on her brother's bed. She is a little spitfire and her crazy antics cause me to constantly be on the alert, but to laugh at the same time because she's so quick at getting into things before you can catch her.

"Lemme in there!"
Alli has become pretty vocal too, with her first official word being "Mom" (ahhh melts my heart!) She also calls Bill "Mom", which makes us laugh. She says "ba-ba" (brother) for Andrew, and also says "Uh-oh". We've been teaching her sign language too, so she can sign "milk", "more", and "all done". She knows where her nose, eyes, and mouth are and enjoys finding them on anyone who holds her, too. She's not much of a cuddler these days, but would much rather be down on the ground exploring everything around her. She's very aware of her surroundings, just like her mama.
Having fun riding her "Docmobile"
We are definitely looking forward to what the next few months bring, as she starts walking and talking more. Alli and Andrew adore each other, and it has been adorable to watch their relationship develop. Andrew has become very good at telling me when Alli is into something she shouldn't be and he has become very protective of her already, which I just love. I'm hoping to get back on the blogging train again, but with the holidays right around the corner we'll see! :)

Cuddling her "wolfie"- favorite stuffed animal

Fall daycare pictures- 13 months old

Fall daycare pictures
Andrew-3.5 years, Allison- 13 months
Halloween 2014- Andrew the fireman

Halloween 2014- Alli the 80's workout baby