Monday, May 12, 2014

Why, Mommy? Why??? and Happy Mother's Day!

Andrew's new favorite words are "why?" and "what are you doing?". This is the phase I've heard so much about, where your every move is questioned. I go to the bathroom. He follows me. "Mommy, what are you doing?" Umm, Andrew, what does it look like I'm doing? "Why, mommy?"

Oh, man. Here we go. LOL. Good thing I have lots and lots of patience. :)

I love that he's so inquisitive. My mom tells me I was the same way, an endless question-asking machine.

I just adore that boy. He's turned into such an imaginative, loving, caring, thoughtful big kid that I just can't get enough of. Apparently, we're doing something right. It's a tough job molding a human being. Teaching them manners (for the record, he thanks us for everything... "Thank you for helping me go poopy! Thank you for cleaning my ears! Thanks for helping me clean up my toys!") , teaching them to say I'm sorry (not as easy for a stubborn child-he spends a lot of minutes in time-out), to be kind to other people and animals ("No, Andrew, Maizey does not want to give you any more kisses. I think she needs a break in her crate."). There are other things we will continue to work on... such as how the heck do you teach a kid to blow their nose?!? Tips, tricks, suggestions are welcome!

Kisses for sister
They pretty much adore each other
Fun at the park (downtown LO) 5-10-14
Loving the park
He's such a happy kid

I had such an amazing Mother's Day yesterday. Hubs let me sleep in (omg, I can't remember the last time I slept until 9am). I woke up to beautiful flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, and sweet cards from both kids and from Bill. Hubs went out to get us bagels and coffee and we enjoyed the morning together. After Alli woke up from her nap, we headed out to Partridge Creek to enjoy the gorgeous day and walk around the mall. Andrew loved playing on the playground and Alli enjoyed the fresh air in her stroller. We capped off the day with yummy Mexican food (and a couple margaritas for mommy!) and then stopped for frozen yogurt on the way home. I loved not having to change diapers and just being able to RELAX. Much needed, and MUCH appreciated.
Mother's Day gift for Sito Clason
Mother's Day gift for Grandma Pantuso

Partridge Creek 5-11-14
I love these little people
(and the bald guy photobombing us in the background!)

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